My Process


My Process

I approach all projects with passion, a curious mind and the goal of making the most engaging content possible. My process can be broken down into 3 stages: pre-production, production & post-production.        



Proper planning is one of the most important (and most neglected) steps of a film project. Filmmaking is a spontaneous and often unpredictable process which is why planning ahead is key. This involves: storyboarding, scripting, scheduling, rehearsing, location scouting, pre-interviewing, set planning and much more. Most importantly, pre-production means discovering your story and vision and the best way to share it.    



Production involves the actual capturing of your content: setting up equipment, filming, recording audio, conducting interviews, taking photos, etc. When properly planned, a film shoot should be comfortable, efficient and well directed. This means having all of the necessary equipment, crew, shot lists, call sheets and making sure everyone is aware of their roles. Proper planning also allows for the ability to embrace the unexpected, which should always be expected! 



Post-production is where the project comes to life and is often the most time-consuming step. This means organizing and reviewing footage, editing, color correction, audio mixing, selecting music, creating graphics, gathering feedback, delivering files, etc. Often times, there are surprise elements that end up playing a part in the final project -- new story elements, additional interview content, etc. I always gather as much feedback as possible during the post-production process to guarantee that you're 100% happy with your project. 



No two projects are the same. In order to properly assess your project and provide a formal estimate, I request as much information as possible -- type of project, scope, timeline, equipment/crew required, pre-production & post-production elements, etc.

If you'd like a formal estimate for your project, please fill out the survey below in its entirety. I do my best to provide estimates the same week I receive survey submissions. If you have any questions about the survey or my estimate process, don't hesitate to reach out.    



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